General Layout


Ground Floor:
1. Shingle Processing and Crushing, with vistas facing out over the sea.
2. Entrance via wooden jetty.
3. Corridor with conveyor- belt for processed shingle, with slot windows out to sea.
4. Sea entrance space, with controllable water depth gate.
5. Main two story living space, with embedded furniture and heavy ornamentation of surface.
6. Stairs and lobby to first and second floor
7. Continuation of living space, area primary concerned with storage
8. Stairs to the manufacturing print bed in the void below.
9. Water courtyard with glass floor doors for modules to be craned out.
10. Main entrance from land.
11. Ground floor bathroom.
12. Housing for the crane.


First Floor:
13. Kitchen, with printed units.
14. Digital and Physical Study.
15. Dining space with interior informed by the actions of the inhabitant within the space.
16. Exterior balcony, with views out over Dungeness covered from above and three sides.
17. Glass walk way between study and stairs.
18. First floor landing and stairs.


Second Floor:
19. Master Bedroom, vistas out over the sea and over the single of Dungeness.
20. En-suite master bathroom.
21. Second floor landing and stairs.

General Layout

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