3D Printing Process

3d printing process3

In order to create the modules a Three Dimensional Sand-Resign printer will be used. The resin fuses the sand molecules together to create a stone like structure. The steps below describe the process and each corresponds to diagram on the left. To emphasise the connection to the site, the module will be printed out of the shingle that makes up Dungeness.
Step One: Shingle from the beach is collect.

Step Two: The shingle is crushed to sand.

Step Thee: The sand is coated in a bonding catalyst by mixing.

Step Four: A thin layer of sand is spread over the print bed.

Step Five: A resin is printed over the solid elements.

Step Six: Steps Four and Five are repeated until the model is complete.

Step Seven: A vacuum is used to remove the sand in the voids. This sand can then be reused.

Step Eight: The model is completed its raw form.

Step Nine: The model is printed and any additional components can be added.

Step 10: The module is now complete and ready to be craned into position.

3D Printing Process

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