Grey-scale to Depth Creation Program

A Program that I created to take the site photos and turn them into 3D Geometries based on their RGB grey-scale averages. Code and Results to be uploaded soon, along with the plugin that transfers the geometry into rhino, and the post manipulation in rhino.


Grey-scale to Depth Creation Program

4 thoughts on “Grey-scale to Depth Creation Program

  1. evertamador says:

    Sorry, One always gets distracted by minor, yet essential details in a world populated by sounds and not binary code. Could you please elaborate on what this exploration is all about?
    In this digital yet difficult to be creative times, where readily available software capabilities take over the mind or else of the designer, One can only wonder what’s behind what One is contemplating at.
    Furthermore, If One could only take the shine off and concentrate on the essence, what would that be?

    1. Firstly thanks for your comments. And apologies for the state of my blog, I am habitually terrible at keeping it up to date, so when I was prompted by my tutors to update them I just uploaded 3months work without adding the necessary explainations and some of the key drawings. I completely agree that the use of digital media often alludes nice graphics which do not actually show you anything.

      In terms of the greyscale to depth program, my project is all about scale. How, when objects are taken out of context their scale can be manipulated. I started by taking macro photos of objects on site, contrasting their micro texture with landscapes. One of the ways I did was to take the site photos and for each pixel gave a value of height dependant on its RGB greyscale value, this enabled me to create a point cloud (as shown in the vid) from which I created a surface. Along with many more conventional techniques for measuring and recording micro textures, I was trying to create as many site related abstracted landscapes from the micro.

      I hope this explains better, I’ll update the blog with explanations when I’m back from my unit field trip to Spain… Tom

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