Dungeness Imagined

Three rough and crude collages of my Imagined Dungeness:

Together they attempt to show my interests in the site, namely the abandoned objects left from previous uses and the micro materiality of these objects. When viewed at on the micro scale the rusted and weathered surfaces of the metal, wood and rope appear create otherworldly landscapes.

I am also interested in exploring and potentially harvesting the power of the wind on the site. The relatively flat landscapes that surround the Dungeness and its coastal location means that it is very windy, a perfect source of power for a Dream Machine.

The local fishing industry is also an aspect of the site that I find interesting, in particular the recent decline due to large modern fishing corporations over fishing. This leaves a vast amount of fishing related objects and boats, which are left to slow decompose and weather. In their dilapidated state many of these objects, to a non fisherman, appear alien and strange, the kind of objects that could reside in the micro landscapes.

Imagined Dungeness 01

Imagined Dungeness 02

Imagined Dungeness 03

Dungeness Imagined

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